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Music Notation Software

 for Folk Musicians

Basic melodies are so simple to put in they can almost be done as musical dictation. Chord symbols are ....


Music Notation Software for Classical Music

MusicMaster contains all the features you will need to create most kinds of classical scores. All the ...


Music Notation Software for Choirs

As well as the full range of features available for instrumental music, MusicMaster also has a number ...


Early Musical Notation

Although modern musical notation is extremely versatile it is not the only way of writing music and ...



MusicMaster music notation software

Scores without hassle

MusicMaster is a word processor for music. It lets you produce professional-looking musical notation quickly, easily and with a minimum of fuss. All you do is type. MusicMaster will do the rest. It is as simple as that.

From simple melodies on one stave to full band, orchestral or choral arrangements, MusicMaster is simple and straightforward to use, but still comprehensive enough for most kinds of music.

Editing is easy too. You can insert staves, bars and notes whenever you need to, and divide or merge bars as required. A note’s length and pitch can be altered at any time, and slurs and other features can be added with the notes or later, as you prefer.

MusicMaster music notation software

Why MusicMaster?

Quite simply, MusicMaster music notation software is quicker and easier (and probably cheaper) than other packages. We have concentrated on making the most common features the easiest, most intuitive and quickest to use so you can get started immediately, with virtually no learning curve.

  MusicMaster music notation application

On-screen hints and a comprehensive help file are included for features which are not immediately obvious, such as ‘s’ for staccato or ‘+’ or ‘#’ for a sharp, but you will quickly find that you will not need even that.


Easy to use

Entering a note is done with a single keystroke (the note name a..g). You can change the octave with the arrow keys, but generally you will not need to do even that as MusicMaster will pick the octave nearest to the previous note – which is what real music usually does.

  MusicMaster music notation software

Most of the time, MusicMaster will get the note length right as well – unlike many other score writing applications it doesn’t just assume that a new note is the same length as the previous one. If you do need to change it, a single key stroke will do that as well – press ‘4’ for a crotchet (quarter note), ‘8’ for a quaver (eighth note), and ‘3’ for a demi-semi quaver (thirty-second note) and so on.


You can add extra staves whenever you want to, put in bars across a whole system or just on a single stave or insert, delete or alter notes whenever you need to. For fine adjustments, click and drag is included for most items, so you can make the final result just what you want.

In MusicMaster we have produced innovative Music Notation Software to help you produce professional musical scores. Please contact us today if you are looking for easy to use and affordable Music Writing Software.

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Aural Training

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Interactive ear training software, recommended by MusicMaster

651 lessons, infinite setup and customization options, comprehensive and easy-to-use statistics features, numerous interactive features including on-screen instruments, MIDI-compatibility and instant audiovisual feedback! In short: the ideal tool for the modern music student and the professional musician. Training your ear with EarMaster will help you become a better musician.

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